Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just a quick Update

Well, I have had two job interviews in the past week. YEAH! I might get a job. I interviewed with JoAnn's and with Viking Sewing Machines. I don't know which job I would want. They both will be fun, but they are both at nights and weekends. I think that I have JoAnn's convinced to not make me work Sundays though...maybe.

I have been just really doing layouts galore the past couple of weeks. I am on tons of creative teams, so I have to keep up with all the beautiful kits that I am getting! Here are some of the layouts that I have done.

Papers are Alma Townsend's "Girly" Kit. Swirls are Rhonna Rarrer's.

The paper is 2bscrapped's "New Beginnings" Kit.

The kit is "Real Beauty" 2BScrapped's Charity Kit. This is for a ABC book of special things in my life!

The kit is Michelle Bradley's "Young Love" kit.

The kit is Bev Oloughlin's "John's Closet" Kit

That is pretty much what is going on with me right now. I hope that everyone is doing great!

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Emily Bush said...

I hope you get one of those jobs so you can let me use your employ discount to get sewing stuff... mostly to make awesome pajamas. I like your layouts... you seem to get more and more simple. Simplicity is beautiful! The one of Amy with the doodles is still my favorite. I miss you tons. Send me gift and flowers.