Friday, January 09, 2009

Project 365

A couple of my sisters and I have taken on the challenge of Project 365 this year. This challenge is to take a photo-a-day for a full year. I think that is going to be such a good way documenting my life for a little while. What better time to do something like this than when I have a little boy that will love the pictures when he is older. I am so excited for this challenge this year. Now I just have to stay motivated!

I have set up a separate blog for this project. It is (you can get to it by clicking the picture on my side bar). Come on over and enjoy the pictures I take daily. I don't think that I will put them up daily, but I will take them and eventually put them up.


Lisa and Dan said...

I looked at your new 365 blog. It is very cute. You take good pictures. i wish I could take good pictures. I wish i had a nicer camera to help me with that...and a little motivation. i just need to have a kid so I have more motivation.

Wilkerson Family said...

your pictures are so sweet. I love the family pictures of you three. It looks like you had a great Christmas.

Emerson is adorable! I love the picture on your picture blog of him looking into the mirror. I guess he knows he's good looking :)