Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Couple Captured moments...

Moment 1:
The other night, you were pinching daddy’s nose. Every time you did he would honk. You started to catch on and you would make the honk noise just before you would pinch his nose. You then pinched mommy’s nose and her honker must be broken and didn’t go off, so you were quickly back to daddy’s nose.

Moment 2:
You like to go “awwww” with your mouth open wide and come up and try to suck my face…I think that it is your version of kisses. I started to blow into it and you would pull away. Then you would try again and the whole cycle would repeat itself. Every once in a while, I would go “awwww” and go close to him. After about 4 times of my doing it to him, he started to do it back! I love how quickly he caught on.

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Amy and her little family said...

Yeah we was "honkin" with me too. That boy is just so lovable!