Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I am one lucky girl. I am so lucky to have the privilege to be able to raise up this beautiful young boy. I love him so much!
This morning, he came walking down our long hall in this cute outfit and a holding bag of chocolates. It was so cute. Right now he is down stairs helping Daddy make some yummy chocolate chip pancakes. He is the best boy to be a mom to. I love him so much!
I also want my mom know how much I love her! Thank you for being the best mom. I only hope that I can be at least half the mother you were to me. I love you so much!


The Proud Chicks Mom said...

What a great Mothers Day. That little boy melts my heart, which makes it approriate that you got chocolate from him. Give him kisses. I love you. Mom

Natalie Putnam said...

Did Jason get those PJ's??? If so, then tell him that is awesome. Those are so cute. How could you not love that little boy. Have a great Mothers day. You are a great mom!

Emily Christiansen said...

Good job, Jason. Emerson looks adorable in those PJs.