Monday, May 10, 2010

I love being a Mom.

Being a mom is the  best job in the world.  There are days that it is very frustrating and hard, but all the joys of motherhood completely outweigh the downs.

I love being Emerson's mom. 
I love watching him grow and learn. 
I love his kisses. 
I love his dancing. 
I love his sweet little voice. 
I love that he runs every where...even though I can't keep up with him. 
I love that he get so excited about Daddy coming home. 
I love that he loves dogs and cats, but hasn't asked me for one yet (that is going to be a sad day for him when he asks).
I love that he wants to help.  He brings up all the cans every week after grocery shopping.
I love that he is obsessed with "Crappers" (Clifford the Big Red Dog).
I love that he will give me hugs to get things.
I love that he says "please" and "thank you".
I love that he loves "Ma's water".
I love that every night he wants chocolate milk, not just milk.
I love that he calls everything soup.  For example, pudding is dessert soup. And cereal is cereal soup.
I love that he says cheese when the camera comes out...even if he refuses to look at it.
I love that every morning you can count on him yelling at the birds as he sees them through the window.
I love when he jumps.
I love that he hides under the covers and says "water" (a.k.a. Where are you?)
I love that he wants to lay down when reading books.
I love that he says I'm sorry.
I love that he know most of his letters and numbers.
I love that he can find every train track we cross and hear every train in the distance.
I love that he loves to find planes and helicopters.
I love that he loves and needs me.
I love that this list is just the start of what I love about Emerson and being a mom.

I love being a MOM!


Amy and her little family said...

What an awesome picture!! You are so pretty and have the cutest baby!! I love that list! Yall need to come visit!

Cindra said...

I love that he calls me Grandma!

Emily Christiansen said...

You are the cutest mom.

Natalie Putnam said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture!!!!!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

you are such a cute mom Jessica!