Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take Pictures...PLEASE!

Emerson is discovering that pictures can be fun.  He has started to ask for me to take pictures of him.  They start of all sweet and cute.

Then they most definately turn into a funny face session.  I love how he poses for pictures and will hold a funny face until I tell him I have a good one.

 (I LOVELOVELOVE this next one. I love that smile even though it is one of his "funny faces".)
Then he turns it into a take pictures of my toy session and that is when I am about done.
How, you ask, that I am able to get good pictures of this sweet boy and why he wants to have pictures taken of him?  It might be something about this hippo that I made this week to put on my lens.  My sister found someone that makes them and told me about it.  But I wanted to see if I can make my own.  So when I was recovering from surgery, I decided to try it out.  Out of the two that I made, one is really cute and one is horrible terrible, and they are definately not as cute as the girls that I am copying.  However, no matter how ugly, it still keeps attention at the camera for more than a second and with that I am happy.  I am going to make more, so we can switch them up and keep his attention longer. 


Natalie Putnam said...

I love the fish face Emerson. Way too cute :) I think the lens thing turned out cute. There is another shop on etsy called lens bling that sells them also. If you want more inspiration :)

Chelsea said...

What surgery? Are you doing ok? Is there anything I can do to help?

Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

Yeah, what Chelsea said!

Cindra said...

I would want my picture taken also if I were as cute as that man of mystery! I am glad you have had a chance to do something fun during this time!