Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prayer Works

The other night, Emerson had his first ear infection.  He was also running a high fever.  We decided that we should get him some medicine.  So, we went to get it and it wasn't there.  We preceded to look every where for it.  Then I had Emerson say a little sweet prayer asking to find the medicine and to get better.  About a minute later, Jason came down with the medicine.  We had been looking for red on the container, but forgot that the last one we bought was a generic brand that was just white.  I actually looked at the bottle a couple of times while looking, but it just didn't look like what I was looking for.  This was one of those tender moments that just make me believe that prayer works.

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Chelsea said...

I think those little moments are so much more amazing than the huge answers. The Lord truly does know us and cares about every piece of our lives. Hope Emerson is feeling better!