Monday, October 31, 2011

Here He Comes to Save the Day...

 Meet Captain Emerson.  The silliest super hero of Halloween. 
 He is always ready for anything...even if he gets in a silly mood.
 Oh no...It is time to fight the imaginary bad guys.
 First, he sneaks in to the situation.
 Then, he fights them off.
 Then, he flies away.
 Leaving the bad guys all banged up.
 That is enough for silly Captain Emerson for one day. 
He is the super hero that I would choose to fight off any bad guys for me.
Have a SUPER Halloween!


Jessica said...

Super cute! I love seeing the things you make for your little cutie. :)

angelle said...

AMAZING!!! He can come save me whenever I get into trouble. =) I just adore his costume! You did a FABULOUS job!

Natalie Putnam said...

Jess. This is one of the cutest costumes EVER!!! I think Chase will be borrowing it in a few years :) You did a wonderful job.

Amber said...

This costume is SO cute! I'll have to remember it...