Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Week 21} Baby Kicks

I love feeling my baby move. 

I started VERY faintly feeling her at 17.5 weeks.  She has been a really faint kicker, usually right in my bladder everytime.  When we went to the ultrasound, the tech was surprised that I haven't felt her more just because of the amount that she was moving the whole ultrasound. 

This week, her kicks are becoming stronger and more frequent.  I love the reminder that my sweet little baby girl is in me growing and developing.  I love that I get these special moments with her.

Last night while trying to go to sleep.  She decided that it was time to start moving.  She had started kicking my in my left side, where I had never felt her kick before.  I was able to hurry and grab Jason's hand and put it on there just in time for her to give the kicking show of her life.  She had never moved around so much and so she knew that her Daddy was there.  I loved getting so share our baby with Jason for a moment before he nodded off to sleep.

I am so excited to get my baby girl here and in my arms.
I am already so smitten by her.

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Amber said...

I love baby kicks too. I think that's a highlight of pregnancy for me. Enjoy!