Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another House

Well, we are now seriously looking at another house. It is a condo about 3 miles away from Jason's work. We haven't got to see many pictures of it, but tomorrow our realtor is going to go take more pictures and send them to us. But you can go to www.stonewaycondos.com and see what we have been able to see about them. If you see how much it is, we are lucky because those were just raised and we are going to get last weeks prices, about $10,000 less. So we will see how much we like the inside tomorrow when we get more pictures.


Emily Bush said...

These condos look ALOT nicer than the one you put an offer on earlier.

Angedawn said...

Jessica, Hey you won the kit on my "Whats your number" this weekend! :) Yeah! :) Send me an email and I'll get you your links! :) Best of luck house hunting... I like those condos you linked too! :)