Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Day!

Well...I got to take a shower today! It is not completely dont, but they put up plastic around the walls, so we could shower. I think that it was the best, most awaited shower I have ever had. it even beat anytime that I went least when you camp you are not the only one that stinks.

In other news....I am going to Utah next week. My sisters and mom are going to be there (except for Natalie...I wish you were there). I am so excited.


Ashley Lynne said...

Thank goodness you got that shower... I was starting to wonder what that stench was over here in NY... ;)

Let me know how things are going and so happy your sisters and mama are going to be out visiting you! Talk to you later. Love.

Jessi said...

It's a crying shame I didn't see you when you were here!!!!!!!
I mean, we are related! LOL!!
And, we have cool names!

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