Monday, May 14, 2007

This weekend...

This weekend started our awesome! Jason and I have been toying around witht the idea of getting a new TV for our bedroom...if you know Jason "toying around" means ALOT of research. Well, we finally found a TV that we liked, so we went to get it at Best Buy but the store next to us didn't have it, so we went 20 minutes away to get it from an in store pick up that we did over the internet. However, we found out that the web site is about 2 hours behind the store and the store that we went to sold the ones that they had earlier in the day. So we decided that we really wanted it still that Jason could enjoy it before he left for we went to yet another store another 20 minutes away. And they had it!!! So we are proud owners of a new LCD TV. We are so excited! It is such a nice big picture...for us anyway.

We also decided that we wanted to buy a PS2 now that they are a little less that the PS3 is out. So we hopped on ebay this weekend and bid on one. So we are also owners of a PS2! We are going to be experts at guitar hero by time we go home next time.

In the beginning of this post, I said that this weekend started off good. On our way home from getting the TV, I started to feel a littl car sick and food sounded disgusting...low and wasn't car sickness. I have been so sick this weekend. This is the first time that I have even been able to sit up from more than 20 minutes and ot wollowing in pain. I am hoping that that means that what ever it is is done.

Jason is going to be going to Finland this Friday and is going to be there for a week. For a job that has very little travel he has sure done a lot the past couple of months. But we determined that it is going to be a good thing that he is gone that week because it is the week that I get to finally officially start Clomede (the fertility drug) and everyone has told me that you are extremely moody on it and they suggested that I stayed in a hotel or something away from Jason the first couple of days. So instead, Jason is going to leave. So it works out well.


Natalie Putnam said...

Man, sounds like you guys have had a lot happen. Thats cool you got a new TV and Playstation.

Hope you start feeling better and that all goes well with the drugs!!!

Emily Bush said...

I want a PS2 so I can be the guitar hero champion.

Maybe you're pregnant, sicky! :)