Monday, February 11, 2008

My Stupidity

On Saturday, Jason and I went and took a bunch more maternity pictures. I think that they turned out pretty cute and it was an awesome day...a rarity in this part of the states. So, I was looking through them on my camera waiting to put them on my computer after Jason was done using it. My camera is kind of new, so I still don't know what everything does. So, I was just going through seeing what all the buttons do. I went into a section called "format". I saw that my CF card was 1.6 G full and then I said "Okay" because I was done with that screen. Little did I know that I had just told it to format the CF card and it deleted all of my pictures. I was so discouraged. Now Jason is trying to recover all the pictures from it, but in order to do that we can't take any more pictures on my nice camera until they are recovered. So, now here I am hoping that I go into labor, but I won't have my nice camera to take the first pictures of my little baby, unless Jason can get it fixed today.

So, for all of you out there playing around with your carmera, do not go into the "Format" section unless you want to have all your pictures deleted.


Destyn said...

I have used Photo Rescue to recover pictures from a flash card. I have the software if you want to try it out.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jess. I hope you get your pictures recovered in time!


Dena said...

I hope that things get fixed soon I would love to see new pics of you!!!