Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 2nd and 3rd...

May 2nd:

May 3rd:
We went to a ward party. It was a Mexican Fiesta. Here is a picture of Emerson waiting for me to take him.
Jason took part of a Jalapeno eating contest. He was peer pressured into it and he said that he was only going to eat one, but they decided to put more on his plate, just in case. So here is his plate before:

Here he is during:
And after the contest was over:
Needless to say, he won...eating the least amount of Jalapenos.
All of the sudden today Emerson started grabbing at things. It was pretty amazing the look on his face when he saw the puzzle piece and relized that he could grab onto it.


The Proud Chicks Mom said...

That picture of Jason and Emerson is so fun! You are really developing a good photographers eye! Mom

Emily Christiansen said...

JalapeƱos are gross! Jason should have plugged his nose while he was eating them. I hope Emerson finishes putting that puzzle together soon :).