Friday, May 09, 2008

May 8th and 9th

May 8th:

Emerson loves his mobile. It plays classical music. When it stops, he gets so mad until we start it up again. I love that the music is something that I can stand listening to over and over.
May 9th:

Today has been a pretty hard day for Emery. We first went to Jason's work because today is his last day working at this building and he was really good there. Then we went shopping and he was good then too. But then when we got home all he wanted to do was cry. Then he would finally fall asleep, but almost 5 minutes later would wake up screaming. We have repeated this cycle over and over today. He has his first diaper rash which could be a part of it. But since I can't calm him down until he falls asleep, then I decided that today's photo will be of him crying. I know that it is kind of sad, but the point of the photo a day is to capture the mood of the day. So here is the photo...(I still think that he looks really cute though he is screaming)...

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Emily Christiansen said...

Emerson crying is so sad! I am sorry you had such a hard time with calming him down. I hope Jason likes his new office!