Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

First off...Happy Father's Day to our wonderful Dads! You two are so great tous and a blessing to have in our lives. We love you two so much. We hope that you have the best day.
For Father's Day, "Emery" made Daddy breakfast in bed and then gave him a new tie to wear to church. Emerson also got a matching new tie (at least the pattern) for church...which I made from the fabric of a big tie. Here a some pictures of them in their matching ties.
Emerson loves to suck on and lick things now. If you get anything close to his mouth it is going to be touched by his tongue.

I think all in all, Jason had a wonderful first Daddy's Day.


Anonymous said...

Jess, that tie is way to cute. Make one for Dean!!! You are so talented!


Katy Nelson said...

jessica who knew you were so amazingly never did cute crafty things like make baby ties and onsies in college...all you did was math! ha...very cute pictures!

Emily Christiansen said...

The ties turned out so cute! Good job, Jessi Poo.

Melissa Zuber said...

You did a great job making those ties. You are so creative. I wish that would rub onto me a little.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

You have such handsome men in your life! Emerson is so precious! I love how expressive he is!