Wednesday, February 18, 2009

12 Months...

My baby is officially 12 months old! A whole year…WOW! I can hardly believe that he has been in my life for a year. I LOVE this boy so much and am so happy that he is MINE!
Weight: 18 lbs 15 oz (5%)
Height: 29 inches (26%)
What has been going on with Emerson this last month:

Sleeping GREAT
Wearing 6-12 month clothes
Wearing Size 3 diapers
LOVES to mimic (first things that he obviously imitated were clapping and “lalalala”-ing his tongue)
Motor boats his lips. He does this mostly when he plays with a car.
Loves to laugh and has a GREAT laugh.
Plays really well with his toys
Eats wonderful.
Talks up a storm…in Emerson’s babble language
Gives the best little hugs.
Loves his Mommy and Daddy so much!


Wilkerson Family said...

Happy Birthday!
He's so cute and grown up.

Emily Christiansen said...

Emerson is a really cute babbler, that is for sure. I love the first photo. Emerson always looks so happy.

Patrick and Paige said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERSON!!!! he is so adorable. It is so fun to be getting to know you and becoming good friends. I LOVE IT!!!

Natalie P said...

He is so CUTE! I love this shirt, great color on him.

Happy Birthday Em!