Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Tree

I just love my Christmas Tree. The first thing I do in the morning is run down and turn on its lights so I can see the beauty of it every time I walk down stairs. I is just so fun having it up...which is why it didn't go down until February last year...maybe this year we will make it March! I was really worried about Emerson and the Christmas tree this year, but he has been great. He has one ornament that he is allowed to touch and take off the tree, but that is the only one he is ever interested in.

Every year we try to add some ornament that was an important thing that happened that year. So the most exciting thing that we did this year was our cruise to Alaska. We decided that that is really two important things, so we bought an ornament for both our first cruise and for making it to Alaska. I really love our new additions to our tree!

Isn't that moose the cutest?


Kristin Garlick said...

What a beautiful tree! Love your cute ornaments too!

Cindra said...

Love It...wish I could see it in person!

Natalie Putnam said...

I love that moose. Way to cute!!! I also love having the lights on and the tree up. It is so much fun :)

emily said...

I love your tree, too. Every time I am in a store and see those glittery bright colored balls, I think about your tree.