Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

Today is Jason's 28th Birthday!
This is the fifth birthday that I have been able to spend with him. The first birthday, five years ago, was just after we started dating. I knew that I really liked him, but we still hadn't said I love you or even kissed at that point. It was actually only 2 weeks after we started dating. So, I decided that I was going to heart attack him and on each heart put a reason that I LIKE him.

So, this year I decided to continue on this heart attack, just why I love him instead of just like.

28 Reasons Why I Love You:

1. You cuddle and watch TV with me.
2. You teach Emerson so much.
3. You let me do my hobbies--including buying the items for them part.
4. You wil take care of Emerson when I just need a break.
5. You make dinner quite often and never complain about it.
6. You work hard for us.
7. You give us all we need at a lot of what we just want.
8. You pay all the bills on time.
9. You make all the phone calls that I don't want to make.
10. You keep clean.
11. You unload the dishwasher to help me out.
12. You will rub my back when I have a headache.
13. You don't complain about my messes.
14. You have a great smile and laugh.
15. You build an awesome computer.
16. You are with me through it all--especially this fertility process.
17. You make sure we pray together.
18. You love me.
19. You are a great Dad and Emerson wants to be just like you.
20. You put Emerson to bed every night.
21. You are modivated to accomplish every goal you have put in front of you.
22. You have a great testimony and you bring it into our home.
23. You love games and don't complain when I always win.
24. You buy me gifts out of our price range because you know I will love it.
25. You play blocks and chase with Emerson.
26. You help me be a better person.
27. You rarely talk bad about anyone.
28. You are just you!
...and that it why I love you!
I hope that you have a great birthday!!!!


Patrick and Paige said...

Happy Birthday Jason!!! Jess, I loved your post!! SO CUTE and I loved all of your reasons for loving him. It made me :)

Natalie Putnam said...

Happy Birthday Jason. You are so OLD :)