Sunday, August 07, 2011

Idaho Trip {Yellowstone}

On Friday, in our Idaho Trip, we all headed up to Yellowstone.  We had a great time. We packed our day seeing sights and we still hardly touched the park. 

Our first stop was the Paint Pots. 
 Then we saw our one and only group of animals that we saw all day.  It was so cool because they were so close, but it was sad that we didn't see any more animals, except for 2 birds.
We then went to Old Faithful and caught the tale end of a geyser, so we waited around for the next geyser.
While waiting, we all went and got icecream from the General Store.  It is delicious. 
We then headed over to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and enjoyed that view...even though some were really afriad of those heights.
All the Bills Family cousins.  It is the first time Emerson had met the two older girls and the second time for the other two.  It has been fun getting to know his cousins.
 Emerson has started to "pose" for pictures.  He insisted on me taking these next couple of pictures.  He stood in the second "pose" for a full minute to have me take pictures of him.  He is so hilarious!
 Our final stop of the day was at Norris.  We took the walk to the Steamboat Geyser. 
It was a really enjoyable day in Yellowstone...we just wished that the animals were wanting to put on more of a show.



Katy Wilson said...

Remember when a big group of us went to Yellowstone when we were in college! Good times!

Natalie Putnam said...

Love the pose Emerson!!! You are a stud.

Cash Family said...

I love Emerson's poses! So cute! Glad you guys are having fun... but can't wait til you get back!

Cindra said...

Emerson is a model in training! What personality!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

stinken animals! Emerson is such a crack up with his poses! lol!