Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, life has been pretty interesting for me lately. Jason and I moved! We made it, but not without hard times. When we first got here, we had problems with Uhaul. They were jerks over at the store. Then we moved into this little bedroom in someone's house. Which is fine besides the fact that we found out that we had thousands of little tiny roommates with us--yes--fleas. HOW AWFUL! We got rid of them, but not until after we got tons of little tiny bits all over us. We are itching like crazy. Then on top of everything, during the move, Jason lost his wedding ring. We are so sad about that!

On a good note though...I made it onto two creative teams in the past couple of weeks. I am working on Alma Townsend's personal creative team and 2BScrapped's site creative team. I am so excited. It is going to be so much fun working with all these talented ladies creations!


Olivia said...

Hey Jess. Sorry to here about all the bad things goin on but I'm glad you got rid of the fleas. Have fun~Olivia

Emily Bush said...

I am excited to see y'all living in your own home the next time I come to Portland to visit. It was so good seeing y'all. I miss my family tons.