Friday, May 12, 2006

Neices and Nephew

Well, I finally got to meet my neices and nephew. They are so cute! I had so much fun with them. I think that they had fun with Jason and me too. Jason one day was saying "boo" to Rowen and scaring her, and her mom came in an asked if Jason was silly. So the rest of the trip she would just randomly say "Uncle Jason is silly; he said boo". It was so cute. Then she started to say "Boo...I scared you." It was super cute!

The first night we were in Utah, I met Mike, Jason's brother, and his family. His girls were really shy the first night, but then they became very talkative. They got to the point that they were specifically requesting to sit next to me and Jason at meals. One meal we went to was at McDonalds and the girls got little toy animals. They just played with those for hours. Amanda loves giraffes and that is what she got. So she was excited.

Lindsey is so cute! Talk about a girl that knows fashion! She picks out her clothes and shoes. Her outfits are so cute! I wish that I had the same fashion sense that she has.

Elliott was just plain old cute! He would just sit and smile. He has such a cute face. I just love sitting there and playing with him. He still doesn't crawl, so he just rolls around to get things. It is so cute.

I am going to miss the family. I had so much fun getting to know them (FINALLY)!

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