Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm it...

Amy tagged me. I have to list 16 things about yourself, goals, dislikes, or whatever. So here goes...

  1. I have the sweetest little baby boy that any mom can ask for.
  2. I have had so many more and stronger cravings nursing than when I was pregnant. I would have never thought that. It is mainly nachos and rice crispy treats.
  3. I love to sew. It is so much fun starting something as a peice of fabric and turning it into something useful. I think that quilts are my favorite way of fulfilling this.
  4. I make nursing covers and sell them.
  5. I hate when dinner time comes because it means that I have to think of what to eat. I have recently started to hate food (except for the things that I crave) making it a lot harder to have the desire to choice meals.
  6. My husband just got a promotion, so I am wanting to spend more money now. I shouldn't though because we are wanting to save up for paying cash on a van.
  7. We own a house that we bought for more than my parents just sold their house for in Georgia and it is half the size.
  8. I would eat at Outback every night if I had my way. Yummy cheese fries and broccoli.
  9. I love being crafty. I love making cards, scrapbook pages, and painting. I remember back in Young Women's when everyone complained about the crafty projects, but I always loved it.
  10. I am a cub scout bears den leader. I have been wanting to be done with this for MONTHS and they can't find anyone to say that they will do it. So, I am really getting to know what it is like to be around 9 year old about insanity.
  11. I want to go on an Alaskan cruise so bad. We are trying to find a time that we can go before Emerson gets to old to want to take with us.
  12. I love shopping for Emerson. I get stressed out shopping for myself, but Emerson I love shopping for.
  13. I hate buying shoes. They cost to much and I don't like most styles of shoes. So I just wait until Emily is sick of a pair that I like, then I take them and wear them for the next 5 years.
  14. I was 5 pounds under my prepregnancy weight after I had Emerson. I only gained 10 pounds my whole pregnancy. Best weight loss plan ever for me :)
  15. I get extremely motion sick extremely fast. Pretty much anytime I am in the back seat I get sick and I get sick in the front if the drive is any longer than an hour.
  16. I love my husband and son so much. I couldn't ask for anyone better to be in my little family.

I am going to tag...everyone on my side bar and anyone else who reads this blog that has a blog. Let me know when you do it...I want to read about all of you :)


Dena said...

Oh my we have things in common I just love that. I hate shoe shopping well and shoes. I do not like shopping for myself and I get very very very car sick. I get motion sick looking at rollar coasters.

Sorry about the bears. I could never to it. Tigers maybe LOL

I posted my tag BTW

Emily Christiansen said...

Jessica... you hate shoe shopping? I was hoping you would be my shopping buddy for the summer. I still may drag you along.

Julie said...

That reminds me, I want you to make me a nursing cover thingy!

The B Glad Family said...

Just wanted to let you know I put my list up on my blog.


Katie Smith said...

Don't you just LOVE rice krispy treats?! Hands down one of my most favorite treats. I'm going to be in Oregon next week (Mike's family is going through some major crisis' so I'm going to come help out for a bit)and I would love to come see you and Emerson if you're going to be around.

Anonymous said...
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