Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

We are back from New York!!! We had a great time in New York and were sad to leave. But we had a heck of a time getting home, so we are extremely happy to be home.

Here is Emerson with Grandma and Grandpa Bush. He is going to miss always having someone to hold him.

Here is what our day traveling home was like:

5:30 am- Officially wake up (after only really getting a 1/2 hour of good sleep due to Emerson
keeping mommy awake all night)
6:30 am- Leave for the airport.
7:00 am- Get to airport and go through security
7:30 am- Board airplane. Wait on plane for about 20 minutes while the work out a problem with a passenger...which they ended up taking off for medical reasons.
8:10 am- Go out to runway...end up sitting there because we lost our spot because of the passenger problem.
8:30 am- Take off...FINALLY!
10:30 am- We were supposed to land, but now circling Atlanta.
11:00 am- Get the go ahead to land.
11:20 am- Land!
12:00 pm- Go over to Natalie's! This was so much fun. I got to see Dean and Kenzie. They are growing so much. Kenzie was having so much fun with Emerson. I had to feed him, so I had a blanket over me. She was so interested in him that she kept on coming and lifting it up, so she could see him. We also took pictures of Emerson. You can see some of them on Natalie's blog.
5:00 pm- Leave for the airport. I forgot about Atlanta's rush hour...its CRAZY!
5:30 pm- Arrive at airport. Get checked in and all my bags checked.
6:00 pm- Go to security. It was crazy long. If you know the ATL airort, it was all the way around in 4 lines in that circle area where Atlanta Bread and Wendy's is. But since I had a baby, they pulled me up to the front. SO NICE!
6:30 pm- Make it through security.
6:45 pm- Get to my gate.
7:35 pm- My flight is scheduled to leave, but the plane that is supposed to leave before mine is still at the gate and our plane still hasn't arrived. They decide to switch our gate.
8:00 pm- Our plane arrives!!!
9:00 pm- Start boarding plane. I decided to wait to the end so I didn't have to sit on the plane while everyone else was boarding.
9:20 pm- I was the 2nd person in line to board, then they say "The airport is closed due to lightening. There will be no more boarding the plane until it is reopened."
9:40 pm- Airport reopens! Board plane. And sit on plane.
10:15 pm- Start making our way to runway.
10:20 pm- Start taking off then all of the sudden stop. We went and sat next to the runway until we could find out the problem.
10:40 pm- Decided that it was the thing that makes the plane go up and down, so we have to go back to gate to get it fixed.
11:00 pm- Back at gate and sit on the plane. They give us water and peanuts while we are waiting.
12:20 am- Get us a new plane on the completely other end of the terminal. They didn't give me my stroller back, so I had Emerson, a diaper bag, and another carry on.
12:45 am- Time we were supposed to be arriving in Portland originally.
1:15 am- Let us board the next plane. Where we just sit. They had to take fuel off because it was fueled for a longer flight. Then they had to account for everything in the paperwork.
2:10 am- Go out to take off.
2:15 am- We are #1 for take off!!!
2:25 am- Intercome comes on, our flight crew can not fly us due to it being past the allotted time for them to fly.
2:35 am- Arrive back at gate. And wait to see if there is another flight crew ready to take us.
2:50 am- Flight is officially canceled.
3:00 am- Get off plane.
3:30 am- Arrive at landside ticketing and wait in line for 2 hours (which hardly moved the whole time)
5:30 am- They pulled all the Portland flight out of line and made a separte line.
6:00 am- Get a new ticket.
6:15 am- Go through security again.
6:30 am- Arrive at gate and finally eat something.
7:05 am- Time flight was supposed to take off. Delayed again.
7:30 am- Finally get to board.
8:10 am- Go out to the runway.
8:20 am- TAKE OFF!
10:00 am (in Portland)- LAND!
12:30 pm-7:45 am- Sleep (with the occational feeding)

It was a long day. Poor Emerson went almost 8 hours without eating because of all the moving and lines. At least he was sleeping the whole time.

This is a picture I took at about 1:00 while waiting to board the 2nd plane. He is such a cute boy.


The B Glad Family said...

Wow! You're super mom! That does not sound like a fun ride home. I'm glad you got home finally though. And you have the cutest little boy ever! And your mom and dad look great. Tell them Hi for me.

Anonymous said...

I am just happy that you made it home. Too bad they didnt just change your flight so you could have stayed at my house longer.


Julie said...

That is so terrible it's hilarious! I am not a fan of the Atlanta airport, always so crowded and I swear I always end up sitting on the runway for ever waiting our turn to take off. Isn't flying with kids so much fun? Just be glad it was only 1, I've done 3 kids under 4 years old cross country by myself before.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I am so glad he slept for you! Traveling in general is a pain, but doing all of that alone with a baby must have been your own little Hell. I am so sorry.

Melissa Zuber said...

Sounds like you had quite the time. It is nice to see pictures of your parents. Your little guy is absolutely adorable.

Emily Christiansen said...

Sorry you had a bad travel day, Jess. The pictures of Emerson with "grandma" and "grandpa" are great.

Chelsea said...

I heard the quick version on the traumatic plane hopping during play ground so I wanted to come on here and check out the blow-by-blow. And the ouch I was feeling for you from just listening was amplified 10x in reading all the times and switches, Way to go wonder woman mother!

Dena said...

the picture are great. Sorry to hear about the whole airport thing. At least Emerson is still young enough to just be held