Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Little Treat

I LOVE Emerson's smile. He gives it pretty rarely still, though more often than he was giving them. I usually have to tickle his cheeks to get hime to smile, but every once in a while I will look down at him and you can see that behind his pacifer he is looking up at me and smiling. Those are some of the best moments.

Some things that I love about his smile are:
  • that he loses his lips when he smiles,
  • he has 3 little dimples--two right above the ends of his lips and one little one on his right side (when you look at him), and
  • his smile eyes. I hope that he gets the eye smile wrinkles that I get. I love those.

He is also starting to give little one little noise laughs. Those are SO cute. Yesterday, Em and Lyle came over and he was making so many cute little noises at Emily. He is just the cutest little baby that I could ever have asked for. Man, I love him so much!


Emily Christiansen said...

Emerson is so crazy cute!!! I love it when he smiles, also. I am so excited I get to see him in all these cute baby stages.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute. I can't believe how much he is growing.

I love the new stuff you added to your blog.


Amy and her little family said...

your baby is SO tan!! I love that little smile :)