Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Wish List

I was asked to come up with a birthday wish list. So, here it is...

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens
$89.74 here at Amazon
SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III CF Card
$60.89 here at Amazon

Pantone huey Monitor Calibrator
$59.99 here at Amazon

ACDSee 10 Photo Manager
$29.99 here at ACDSee.

I would also love the rest of Stephanie Meyer's books.

And money

for scrapbooking supplies, fabric, clothes,
or to get one of my quilt tops professionally quilted.

I would also love, board, card, or mental.

This was extremely hard to think of ideas. I could only think of things that I wanted for Emerson. It is amazing how your mind becomes so focused on your child that you forget that you should be buying stuff for yourself too.


Dena said...

GL with your list hun LOL

I hope you get all that you want for your birthday

Wilkerson Family said...

I just started reading Twilight yesterday. I can understand why you would want the rest of the books :) I hope that you have a great birthday.

Kari Shuey said...

Your site is so cute. How do you do that to your blog. I see all these cute headings and pages and I want to do something unique to my page too.