Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip to the Ranch

We were able to go to Dryhead Ranch for our Stringham Family Reunion. This was so much fun. It was fun to sit around talking, play games, laugh, and get to know each other a little better. Dryhead is in southern Montana. So, we flew into Utah and drive 10 hours to the ranch. The car ride was actually not that bad. There were a couple times that Emerson just couldn't handle it anymore. So, we would just get out and let him have a little break. The car decided that it had had enough about 20 mile out of the last town, Lovell, before a long dirt road to the Ranch. So, we let it have a break and then we got to the town. We decided to leave the car in Lovell, and all pilled into different cars. Thank goodness that was able to work!

On the second day at the ranch, we were out talking and all of the sudden people started to say that there was a bear. We watched it climb a tree, and then it stayed up there. I guess that the bear was just old enough to be away from the mama, so we didn't have that worry. I was still a little scared, so I got close enough to take some pictures, then I went to the other side of the cook house and stayed there.
Grandma Bush (and Natalie) bought Emery a little cowboy hat. I think that he was so cute in it.
We went riding horse. I think that will be my last time riding a horse. My knees hurt so bad about half way into the ride that I had to get off and walk most the way back.
This is my cute nephew Dean on the horse.
I love this picture of Emerson and Aunt Olivia. He is just so little there.
Emerson rarely folds in half anymore, I had to get a picture of him here. He is just so sweet.
While at the Ranch, Emerson turned 5 months! So we had to get some pictures of him to celebrate! Right after these pictures, a big storm came in and we have big hail, lighting, and thunder! We watched it on the porch. Jason put a piece of hail into Emerson's hand. He didn't know what to do. It was just a completely new sensation for him.

On our way back to Utah, we stopped at Yellowstone. We got the see the Waterfalls and the Paint Pots. We went to see Old Faithful, but it was going off as we drove up, so we decided to move on. I guess that the animals decided to take the day off because we only saw a couple Bison, Elk, and a Buffalo. That was too bad.
Here is a cute picture of Emery at Yellowstone with Daddy.
Once I got back in Utah, I immediately got to go to my cousin Megan's baby shower. It was so much fun showing Emerson off the the Bush family. There Emerson got to play with another baby really for the first time. He had his first experience with sharing. They were being really cute together.
This is Emerson with his 2nd cousin, Tony. They are a month apart exactly (Tony being older), but Tony is so much lighter that Emery. I can't believe how big Emerson is getting.
We had a lot of fun this trip. We just wish that we could have had time to visit with some of our friends and have more time with our family.


Emily Christiansen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture of Emerson with the Cowboy hat. You seriously need to print and frame that one.

Katy Nelson said...

holy crap a bear! that is crazy!

angelle said...

Emerson's cowboy hat is so much fun.

Amy and her little family said...

I love that first picture the best! I'm glad yall had a great time! Miss you Jess!!