Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cruising Alaska: Day 3 Juneau, Alaska

Day three into our cruise, we finally made it to Alaska! Just after breakfast, we went up onto the deck and just watched up sail into Juneau.
Here is Juneau. This is a pretty cool city because the only ways into it is by sea or air. It is an interesting concept for a city, especially the state capitol.
Once ported, we walked into Juneau.
In Juneau, we decided to just walk around the city and look at the different shops in town. On the side of some of the roads, you had really steep stairs to get to houses because the hill was so steep that they couldn't just do a side walk. I can't imagine what that would be like in the winter. It was a beautiful city. All the mountainous lands around it makes it very beautiful.
After getting back on the ship, we went to dinner. Jason had lamb. Again I tried it and thought that it was disgusting.
So, I had chicken. That was yummy!
Our waiter also brought us out some shrimp, so I tried that too. I can say that I didn't like that shrimp either, but I was at least being adventurous with my eating!
After dinner we went to the show that was put on by the dancer and singers on the boat. It was all about Piano Men such as Billy joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Barry Manilow.
After the show we went to a "game show" of battle of the sexes. That was pretty entertaining. The girls team won.
As we were leaving the game show, we had to walk through a bar to get to out room. In the bar, there was this guy named Derek there leading Karaoke. We decided to just stay there for a little while and watch. This turned out to be my favorite part of the actual cruise. It was so funny to watch. He called his Karaoke time "Adult Day Care". It was so funny. He had this amazing ability to get anyone to sing. While we first came in, there where some people that was walking through the middle to get out of the bar, and he stopped them. He said will you stay for a...(then everyone in there yelled "five minute party". So they stopped and talked to Derek and then somehow, they were doing Karaoke. He never asked them ore anything, but they did it. After people sang, he would ask in there was one word to describe their performance it would be? And everyone would through there hands up and yell SUPERSTAR. It was so entertaining. The prize for singing was these cheap color changing rings from DelSol. When ever he would give one away, he would rant off about them in a really fast voice and then he would say that they are valued at...everbody would say "far less than one thousand dollars". Towards the end of the evening, some people left, so we decided to move in closer. He noticed us do this and got so excited that he called us up. He never asked us to sing, but somehow we sang Karaoke to "Summer Lovin'" from Grease and earned our very own Del Sol color changing rings!
After the long night of karaoke, we went back to our room for the night we were greeted by a new friend. Our very own puppy...the only kind that I will allow into my room.


Emily Christiansen said...

The towel folds are so cute each day!

Julie said...

I'm so jealous. One the things I want to do some day is go on a cruise. I'm totally all over that karoke! You don't like shrimp? What is wrong with you? Love the folded towels!