Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cruising Alaska: Day 7 Victoria BC Canada

On day 7, we went to our last Port: Victoria, Canada. It is so beautiful there.

While in Victoria, we went to the butterfly gardens. They were really cool. They had some really cool butterflies there and some other fun animals.
After the Butterflies, we went to Butchard Gardens. They were so pretty.
After getting back on the ship, we watched the movie Seven Pounds. That was really good. It was really slow, but good.
At dinner tonight, all the cooks and waiters sang us a song. That was pretty fun.
Tonight, we had to get everything ready to go. Then, we went to one final night of Derek's Kamakazi Karaoke. It was a really fun ending to the cruise.

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Emily Christiansen said...

I want to go to BC so bad. I want to stay in the hotel that Lucky 7 was filmed in.