Tuesday, June 09, 2009

White Pass Train Ride

While in Skagway, we took a train ride up to White Pass Summit. It was a beautiful train ride. The views were amazing! Here we are in the train.
These are the older trains that they used to make this trip.
They had a guy walk through to collect out tickets.
Here you can see the town on Skagway in the distance next to the ocean. Ride behind the tree you could see our ship.

This is the old bridge they went over. I am happy that they had a new one. The new one was scary enough for me.
We passed into Canada at the top of the summit.
It was absolutely breathtaking up there. There is this frozen lake by the railway. The colors in the lake were amazing!
On the way back down we saw two bears. This one was right next to us as we passed. Here we are reaching the end of our trip. It was a beautiful trip. Alaska is a gorgeous state!

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