Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emerson's Birthday

Emerson had a great second birthday! He woke up to about 40 balloons to play with.
After a little while of throwing and running through balloons, he decided that it was car time. He played with them until breakfast time.
For breakfast he got special Chocolate Chip pancakes with peanut butter. When I was a kid my dad made little tiny pancakes and our initials, soI thought that would be fun for him. I also had to include the favorite...a plane.
After breakfast, we built towers. This is the one that he was most invested in. He was really sad when it fell.
After tower building, we went up and watched some olympics and then Emerson took a nap. After his nap, we had dinner and opened presents. Then we had CAKE! He couldn't really blow out the candles, and then he wouldn't touch the cake...maybe he remembers last years experience of too much cake.
It was a great birthday!


Natalie Putnam said...

It looks like he had a great birthday. I love all those balloons. I always want to do them on my kids birthdays, but I forget to plan ahead and buy them. Maybe next year.

Cindra said...

I am still waiting for my skype call from Mr. E...

Emily Christiansen said...

Awesome Birthday, Roy! Can't believe you are 2.

Amber said...

Can't believe he's two! And your pictures are so awesome. You are such a good photographer.