Saturday, February 20, 2010


Jason cleaned out the car because he was taking a bunch of guys to see Avatar, so he brought in some of the things that I usually keep in there. I leave Emerson's sunglasses in the car, but I haven't tried to give them to him in about year because he just always tried to break them in half when I would before. Then I just forgot about them. Emerson found them in the pile of stuff and he loved them. He played with them on and watched TV with them on. He kept on taking them slightly off them back on, I think that he was seeing the difference in the light. It was so cute.


Natalie Putnam said...

He looks like a "Bad Boy" in the first picture. You need to get him a Leroy Tattoo :)

Emily Christiansen said...

Emerson totally knows how to be cool. I agree with nat.. get the Leroy tat :). Emerson... you are the stud of studs!