Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Time

The Easter Bunny made it to our house this year. Emerson loved it.At first he had no idea what he was getting into, but then he found is basket and then was in heaven the rest of the day.
In my family, the Easter Bunny "hides" the baskets. So I told the Easter Bunny that I wanted to carry that tradition on in my little family. Emerson is still a little to young to hid it in the dryer with clothes over it, so his was pretty simple. I think he only found it because he was curious why the pillows were around his table.
The first thing he did when he found his basket was reached to the bottom to find the fruit snacks and smarties. Smart boy. He know where to find the good stuff.
While we watched General Conference, we died some eggs. Emerson liked it for a few minutes until he wasn't allowed to wander around with the cups. This caused a huge melt down. That is when he colored, and Jason and I died the eggs.
*Easter outfit pictures are still to come. We are having our Easter church program this Sunday, so I decided to wait on the outfit until then.


Natalie Putnam said...

Wow. What a fun basket. I love the dino. I can only imagine how excited Emerson was to find it. I am glad the bunny hides your baskets. This is the first year he did it at our house and the kids loved it. It is a great tradition. I can't wait until the baskets can be super hard to find. It will be fun to watch.

Natalie Putnam said...

Also, I LOVE your pillows. They are so fun and bright :)

I would love to see more pictures of your house. I don't think I have seen all your rooms and I would love a picture tour.

Maybe I will get to come see it in person soon!

Emily Christiansen said...

I love the faces Emerson always makes. He is so cute!!! I love his basket. I can't believe you gave him a dinosaur!

Olivia said...

It is so much fun that you guys hide the baskets!