Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, so as promised here is a great new kit that I have been working on. It is my first attempt on elements so it is a little rudimentary, but I still like it. .

The only plans that I have for today is to go to Red Robin with Jason. I hope that it will get a little more exciting than that, but I doubt it. The only thing that would make today the best is if Jason would take me to a hotel tonight and get me out of this place for at least for a night. This morning, the people we are living with turned on their country music full blast and started singing to it...thy do not have the voices to sing---especially that loud---and especially that early in the morning. I just thought that it was so disrespectful. Anyway---off my tangent.
I hope that everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One more day until...


I am so excited. I am going to be 22. I know not a very exciting birthday, but it just means that I can say that I am one year older.

Come by tomorrow to celebrate by picking up a new kit that I am putting together.

Well. I had an awesome time in Utah. It was great seeing my sisters and mom. I wish that Natalie, Dean, and my Dad could have been there. That would have been all the better. I also wish that I could have been there longer. It would have been fun to be able to see all my Uncles, Aunts, cousins, and friends. Hopefully, I get out there again soon! Then I will be able to spend more time with people.

House love:
We went by last weekend and they have finally painted and put up our base boards. The door frames are all up, but not all the doors are on their hindges. I think that if they keep going at this rate we will be into our house by the beginning of September. I can not wait to get out of this little tiny hole in the wall and into our beautiful own home!

A bit of scrapbooking love:
There is an awesome challenge up at Jessica Sprague's Blog--->

Here is what I did for it:

I used Lauren Grier's "Punky Mom: Kit for these. I just love the colors in this kit.

The font is "Nasty" in Sue and Jason's LO.

The font is Texas Hero in This Love's LO.

Here is another LO that I did today:

This one is using Lauren Grier and Robin Carlton's "Fudge Dream Supreme" Kit.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Day!

Well...I got to take a shower today! It is not completely dont, but they put up plastic around the walls, so we could shower. I think that it was the best, most awaited shower I have ever had. it even beat anytime that I went least when you camp you are not the only one that stinks.

In other news....I am going to Utah next week. My sisters and mom are going to be there (except for Natalie...I wish you were there). I am so excited.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We got another update on our house this week. We were supposed to be into our house on June 15th, then the middle of July. Then at the beginning of July, they decided to be on the safe side they are going to have us sign a contract saying that our closing date will be on or before August 1st. As you can tell---it is August 1st and it is STILL not done. Now they are saying that it is going to be the first part of September. So maybe we will be in by Christmas.

I am so excited to get out of temporary housing and into my own home. The people we are staying with decided that they needed to change there shower/tub area. So on Saturday night---like 11:30---they came and told us that they are going to be starting this project tomorrow morning. So when we woke up the next morning, the shower was gone and now we have no where to shower. I STINK. I have been washing my hair in the sink and sponge bathing, but it is not the same. I just don't feel as clean. In my house, I am going to have 2 showers and 3 toilets...I am so excited! I won't have to worry about this crap that is going on.

Sorry, but I just had to vent. On the bright side, I sold my first sewing machine this weekend. I am excited about that. It started as a bad situation---but it all got worked out---so now I am happy.

Thanks for sitting through my venting...I am just frustrated!