Sunday, June 10, 2007

The past few weeks...

Sorry that is has been so long since my last update...(Em, Nat, Am, and Liv) . I have had a pretty busy last few weeks. Three weekends ago, Jason got back from a week in Finland. He really liked Finland...but the pictures from that trip will be delayed because he forget to take the digital camera, so he bought a desposable one in Finland and didn't use up all the pictures...but he will finish using them later this month or early next month when he goes to Taiwan. It is looking like he is going to be there for the 4th of July. I am not happy about that...but I guess whatever it takes to be able to make a good living.

About 5 hours after Jason got home from Finland, his parents came into town. They were only here for a couple of days, but we had a lot of fun. Most of the time we just sat around and talked, but we did do a little tourist stuff for them on Memorial Day. So we decided to take them to the Japanese Gardens and the Rose Test Gardens. I think that they really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from the Japanese Gardens...which Dad, Mom, Amy, and Olivia--I am going to take you there when you come is so beautiful!

The day after Bruce and Sue left, I started babysitting my 2nd baby. This one is a little 3 month old boy named Tate. He is a lot harder to take care of then Brooklyn. He cries a lot which make it hard to deal with. But we can only hope that it might get better as he gets a little older and more used to the bottles. Here is a picture of the babies...

Look how cute they are dressed...they always have the cutest oufits on.

Last week was the Rose Festival here in Portland. Last year, we didn't end up going to it at all, but this year it seemed like we spend all day every day there. Jason was marching in the "One More Time Around Again" Marching Band. It is a HUGE band of people that marched in High School or College. They range from age 18 to 90. It was really fun hearing them. I went to 2 parades and a concert. The second parade was MISERABLE. It was really long and then it was pouring the whole time. I was freezing by time Igot home. I took a half an hour shower and still wasn't thawed out. But here ar some pictures of Jason marching...

Jason marching in the Starlight Parade.The Concert at the Park.

Jason in the Rose Festival Parade

I also went to a Quilt Show one of the days. I hope that one day I can be as good as some of these ladies. Here are some of my FAVORITE quilts that they had there.