Thursday, August 11, 2011

Emerson's Art Work {Boat Rescue}

 Aunt Jessica brought home some art supplies for the kids to paint.  I don't think that Emerson has ever painted a picture before, and he LOVED it.  Here is the master piece that he came up with.

Later he started telling me about the painting and he has kept the same story which goes:

"This is a boat floating in the water. 
It goes splash. 
That is a a plane that come to the rescue.
The boat can float again."
He has the best imagination.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Idaho Trip {Bills Family Pictures}

Since most of the family was together we took advantage to get a family picture.  We just set the camera up on the tripod and wished that it would turn out.  The kids would only cooperate for two takes, so that made me nervous.  But I think that we ended up with a beautiful picture.
 All the cute little cousins.
 I had Jessica take some of our little family.  I think that it turned out pretty cute.
 Emerson didn't really want to cooperate, but because of it we got a really sweet shot.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Idaho Trip {Yellowstone}

On Friday, in our Idaho Trip, we all headed up to Yellowstone.  We had a great time. We packed our day seeing sights and we still hardly touched the park. 

Our first stop was the Paint Pots. 
 Then we saw our one and only group of animals that we saw all day.  It was so cool because they were so close, but it was sad that we didn't see any more animals, except for 2 birds.
We then went to Old Faithful and caught the tale end of a geyser, so we waited around for the next geyser.
While waiting, we all went and got icecream from the General Store.  It is delicious. 
We then headed over to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and enjoyed that view...even though some were really afriad of those heights.
All the Bills Family cousins.  It is the first time Emerson had met the two older girls and the second time for the other two.  It has been fun getting to know his cousins.
 Emerson has started to "pose" for pictures.  He insisted on me taking these next couple of pictures.  He stood in the second "pose" for a full minute to have me take pictures of him.  He is so hilarious!
 Our final stop of the day was at Norris.  We took the walk to the Steamboat Geyser. 
It was a really enjoyable day in Yellowstone...we just wished that the animals were wanting to put on more of a show.


Idaho Trip {Tautphaus Zoo}

On the first full day of our reunion, we took a little trip to Idaho Fall's Tautphaus Zoo.  It is a pretty small zoo, but it had a lot of really fun animals in it.  Some that I don't think that I have ever seen the camel.
When we first got there Emerson got the map and found all the animals that he for sure wanted to see. 
I love peacocks.  It was one of the few animals I hoped that they had.  I was excited to see that they had a couple resident peacocks. 
We had fun talking to the bird and getting to to sqwak back at us.
This zoo is small enough that they allow people to feed some of the animals.  Emerson got to feed the ducks and the goats.
 After feed the goats, they got to go pet the goats. 
I got sick while going through the park, so I hung out with the lions while everyone else went and finished the park. 
The Bills' family that went to the Zoo.
Emerson was so exausted by time we left.  We had a great time!

Idaho Trip {Sprinklers}

While waiting for all the family to come, Emerson was getting really restless, so we decided that it would be fun to go out and play in the sprinklers.  We had so much fun going on.  The sprinklers were on and Jason was blowing bubbles to chase after.  Then Grandma Sue brought out the frisbees.  That just turned in to a world of fun.  We got in a water fight playing "water plate" (Emerson's term for throwing frisbees full of water at each other).  It was a fun way to use up some time while waiting for cousins.