Sunday, February 28, 2010

Train Tracks and Table

When you see a train track, you expect to see train cars, right? Well, not in the world of Emerson. In his world, it is hot wheels that go onto train tracks. It is rare that you see the actual train on these tracks.
Here is the rare occation with the train on the tracks!
Isn't those chairs and table adoreable? I got them from IKEA. The table is just one of the $7.99 side tables! What a deal! It is the perfect height for E. He loves having his own place to play. I think that it has been a much needed purchase.

Car Mat

For Emerson's birthday, I made him a play mat that he could drive his cars on. He loves it. I love when some idea that I have (that I have to put some work into) is a big hit. I thought that he would like the side with all the drawings more, but he usually asks for the side with the straight line roads to be up. He is getting to be such a big boy...he is already able to push cars on little roads!
Now that I see how he like this, I am definitely going to make him a little one that he can take to church and on outtings when I know he is going to be bored. I will post that as soon as it is made!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Jason cleaned out the car because he was taking a bunch of guys to see Avatar, so he brought in some of the things that I usually keep in there. I leave Emerson's sunglasses in the car, but I haven't tried to give them to him in about year because he just always tried to break them in half when I would before. Then I just forgot about them. Emerson found them in the pile of stuff and he loved them. He played with them on and watched TV with them on. He kept on taking them slightly off them back on, I think that he was seeing the difference in the light. It was so cute.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Emerson LOVES to jump. He sometimes can go 10-15 minutes straight of jumping while saying "jump, jump, jump" during each jump. I think that it is so cute!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emerson's Birthday

Emerson had a great second birthday! He woke up to about 40 balloons to play with.
After a little while of throwing and running through balloons, he decided that it was car time. He played with them until breakfast time.
For breakfast he got special Chocolate Chip pancakes with peanut butter. When I was a kid my dad made little tiny pancakes and our initials, soI thought that would be fun for him. I also had to include the favorite...a plane.
After breakfast, we built towers. This is the one that he was most invested in. He was really sad when it fell.
After tower building, we went up and watched some olympics and then Emerson took a nap. After his nap, we had dinner and opened presents. Then we had CAKE! He couldn't really blow out the candles, and then he wouldn't touch the cake...maybe he remembers last years experience of too much cake.
It was a great birthday!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Won!

I love winning things...especially things that I wouldn't normally buy but really want. This time I won a necklace from I can't wait to choose out which one I want! I will take a picture of the one I get as soon as it is here!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Picture in North Carolina

I was just going through all my pictures from North Carolina and saw this one. I think that it is so cute. Don't you just love that little hat on Emerson?

Cookies with Grandma

Emerson loved doing things with Grandma Bills while we were in North Carolina. One of the fun activities they did together was "making" cookies...Sprague style. It was really cute how much he wanted to help.
They were yummy Emerson!

"The Destroyer" a.k.a. Emerson

While visiting Utah for my Gramdpa's baptism, we had my Aunt Jessi and her two kids over for dinner. Emerson ended up loving having some older boys to play with. He had what I would think was the best night of his life. Jayden and Grant just let him play rough with them. He loved tackling them down to the floor and then pull on their legs and sit on them. It was so funny watching this little boy tackle down these bigger boys. At some point during the night, Jayden nicknamed Emerson "the destroyer". I think that it fits him well...not just this night.