Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take Pictures...PLEASE!

Emerson is discovering that pictures can be fun.  He has started to ask for me to take pictures of him.  They start of all sweet and cute.

Then they most definately turn into a funny face session.  I love how he poses for pictures and will hold a funny face until I tell him I have a good one.

 (I LOVELOVELOVE this next one. I love that smile even though it is one of his "funny faces".)
Then he turns it into a take pictures of my toy session and that is when I am about done.
How, you ask, that I am able to get good pictures of this sweet boy and why he wants to have pictures taken of him?  It might be something about this hippo that I made this week to put on my lens.  My sister found someone that makes them and told me about it.  But I wanted to see if I can make my own.  So when I was recovering from surgery, I decided to try it out.  Out of the two that I made, one is really cute and one is horrible terrible, and they are definately not as cute as the girls that I am copying.  However, no matter how ugly, it still keeps attention at the camera for more than a second and with that I am happy.  I am going to make more, so we can switch them up and keep his attention longer. 


Jason and I have been trying to have a baby for over two years.  After doing all the clomid and IUI's that my doctor would allow for the time being we had to make a decision on what to do next.  Our options were: adoption, surgeries, wait, or IVF.  I didn't want to give up trying just yet, but we didn't feel right about IVF, so we decided to do the surgeries. 

Jason's surgery was a Varicocelectimy.  It was done in September and he is still healing from it.  We won't know if it worked until the middle of December or later. 

My surgery was last Friday (November 12th).  I actually had two separate surgeries that day. They were a Laparoscopy and a Histeroscopy.

During the Laparoscopy, they will cut me open and look at my uterus's outside.  This was to see if there were any problems, such as endometriosis or scar tissues that can be preventing me from getting pregnant. It turned out that I didn't have any of those problems.  They also drilled little holes into my ovaries to help drain the many cysts that are there.

In the Histeroscopy, they looked inside my uterus to see if there were any problems in there and fix them. There was not.  They also put dye through my tubes and that was successful.  Both open!

I am recovering very nicely.  I am in very little pain and have little soreness now.  So things are good.   I should be fully recovered soon.  Hopefully between both of these surgeries, we will have a little more hope of having another baby near in the future.

Great Wall of China

 While Jason was in China last month, he had a couple of extra days to get to do some sight seeing.  So he took advantage of it to get to do some cool things that he probably will never be able to do again.  The first thing that he did was go and see the Terracotta Warriors.  Then when he went to Beijing, he took the trip out to the Great Wall of China.  He was the only one in his group that went the whole distance that was open.