Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love these guys.

10 Year Reunion

We went out to Rexburg for Jason's 10 Year Reunion.  It was fun seeing all of Jason's friends from High School.  They had a water fountain right next to the pavillion we were in and of course it was Emerson's favorite part.  He just sat there and played with it most of the time.  I don't think that the other parents liked it because their kids wanted to run through the puddles as well.  At this park they have a big splash park too, so I took him to that after about an hour and he loved it.  I am glad we went out to Rexburg to go to this.  We all had a bunch of fun.

Fourth of July in Sugar

The fourth of July was so fun.  We went out and played balls and frisbees all morning.  Then we had a delicious dutch oven dinner that Bruce made. We played some Dungeon Lords.  Then we went to a park to watch the Rexburg fireworks.  It was a lot of fun. 

Water at the Park

On our way to Jason's parent's house, we stopped at a park in Rexburg to see my mom.  Emerson found the water fountain there.  All he wanted to do the whole time we were there was turn on and off the the water.  He created such a big puddle.  He loved it.

Helping with Grandpa's Yard.

The first night in Sugar City, Emerson went out with Jason and Grandpa Bills to help moving rocks off the grass.  Emerson loved being out there.  He found a stick that he called a kite and was flying it up in the sky.  Too cute!  Later they turned the sprinklers on and Emerson ran through them.  He loved having a place to go out and play.