Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Emergency Room

I am in New York right now visiting my parents new house. We have been having a lot of fun. Last Saturday we went out apple picking, to a petting zoo, on a wagon ride, and then got some ice cream. Later that night Natalie, my mom and I went to Macys and bought some cute maternity clothes. It was a really fun day. By time I got home, I was STARVING. It was about 9:00 pm and I hadn't eaten since like 2 in the afternoon. Before I was going to eat something, I needed to go to the bathroom. That is when I saw that I was bleeding a little bit. This scared me so much. So I called my HMO in Oregon. They told me that I needed to go the the ER. So, immediately my parents took me over.
At the Emergency room, they got me in and asked me a bunch of questions They didn't really seem concerned, so I wan't that concerned. I thought that they would only keep me there just enough to check things out and say that it is all fine. However, after about an hour of just sitting there waiting, they hooked me up to an IV (which hurt SO bad) and said that it sould take about 2 hours to go through all the fluids. My mom and I looked at each other like "are you kidding????" There is no way that I need to be here for 2 more hours. But to our surprise, they were able to keep me there for the full 2 hours and then another 2 hours after that. I saw the nurses probably 3 times that whole time and the doctor like 2 times. We were so frustrated at this. We did not need to be there that long, and then, they didn't communicate with us at all. At about 2:15, the doctor came in and said that all our test came back good and that I am fine. However, he did put me on rest. I don't have to stay in bed, but I can't really go anywhere or do anything. This is killing me because all I want to do is play with my little neices and I can't really. They can come sit on my lap, but they don't really like that because they would rather be up and moving. Anyway, I finally got home at about 2:45, and I was SO hungry. It had been over 12 hours since I had eaten. I will never go that long between meals while being pregnant. It was so terrible.
I had not been so scared during this pregnancy as I was Saturday night. I really felt like I was lossing my baby. I knew that you could miscarry at 17 1/2 weeks, but I didn't think that even the threat of it would happen to me. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that occured in my behalf this weekend. I really have felt a intake of love this weekend. I have such great friends and family, and I am so glad that I can always count on their love...especially through the rough times of life.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Man. I haven't been this busy in such a long time. I am used to sitting around my house all day and occationally having some fast errand to have to run. But, for the past 3 weeks or so I have been going non stop. This is actually the first time that I have had time to sit doen at my computer. To start off all my unrest...I went to Utah for my sister's wedding. It was so much fun seeing her and all my other sisters and family. I got to spend a lot of time with my two darling neices. They are so cute. I can't wait to add my baby to the mix. I can't believe that they are going to already be one by time my baby comes around. Here are some pictures from my trip to Utah.
The Happy Couple

Em and the Kids

Me and Kenzie
Me and Becca (my old roommate)
Mt. Timp Temple

After Utah, I got to have my parents and sister Olivia come visit. That was a lot of fun. We went to Multnomah Falls, the Japanese Gardens, and to the Oregon Coast. It was so much fun, except for the fact that I become car sick SO FAST while pregnant. Usually it takes an hour or so of driving to get me sick, but now it is almost instantanious. I was bad at taking pictures this trip, but here are a couple that I was able to snag.
Multnomah Falls. (MyParents, Jason and Olivia are on the bridge)

A couple of days after my family left. I had a doctors appointment. I was able to hear the baby's heatbeat for about two seconds. The baby just would not stop moving, so the doctor wasn't able to hear it any longer than that. But she said that is a good thing because we know that the baby is healthy and active. Pregnancy had been treating me pretty well. I have had a rough past couple of weeks. It was like when the second trimester hit, I thought that I would get a little better, but I have only gotten sicker. It has been frustrating, but I know that in about 5 months...all the sickness will be gone for sure (I will just be extremely tired from all my sleepless nights instead). Anyway, I have set up the appointment for the next ultrasound for the 4th of October. I can't wait to find out for sure what I am having...now everyone pray that the baby will decide to sit still long enough for us to be able to find out. I have too such sewing to do to have to wait any longer than that.

The day after the appointment, Jason and I took a little family vacation to Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun. The first two days, we got snagged up by some timeshare companies that were going to give us some free stuff if we would go look at there resorts. So we decided to go and get hit up for about 2 hours each time, but at the end we didn't get a time share, but we got a lot of free stuff. Actually we set a budget for each day and only two of the days did we even spend a penny from the budget. It was really nice.

Here is some of the things that we did.

We started out the trip by going to a show called ICE. It was amazing. It is an ice skating acrobatic type of show. They would have people skating on ice skate stilts. They had people hanging from the ceiling doing twists and turns. They had people riding bicycles with ice skates on. They had a girl that hula hooped about 10 hula hoops at the same time and was able to control moving them all up and down her body. It was SO cool.

The next show that we went to was Nathan Burton's Magic Show. That was a lot of fun. Magic amazes me. Some of the things that people can do is crazy.

That night we went to The Phantom of the Opera. The show was wonderful. I loved seeing it in person. It was beautifully done and well worth going.

The last night we went to Mamma Mia. I liked this show, but it doesn't compare to the wonderfullness of the Phantom. The music was a lot of fun. But the story line just didn't really thrill me.

Vegas was a lot of fun. Again I was a slacker with taking pictures, but here are a few we shot.
Jason and I at Mandalay Bay waiting for our show to start
Jason in front of Mandalay Bay

Looking out at the Strip at the top of the Stratosphere.

I didn't know that Jason was taking a picture...hence the look on my face.

The Stratosphere. This is where we stayed the 2nd half of the trip.