Monday, May 10, 2010

I love being a Mom.

Being a mom is the  best job in the world.  There are days that it is very frustrating and hard, but all the joys of motherhood completely outweigh the downs.

I love being Emerson's mom. 
I love watching him grow and learn. 
I love his kisses. 
I love his dancing. 
I love his sweet little voice. 
I love that he runs every where...even though I can't keep up with him. 
I love that he get so excited about Daddy coming home. 
I love that he loves dogs and cats, but hasn't asked me for one yet (that is going to be a sad day for him when he asks).
I love that he wants to help.  He brings up all the cans every week after grocery shopping.
I love that he is obsessed with "Crappers" (Clifford the Big Red Dog).
I love that he will give me hugs to get things.
I love that he says "please" and "thank you".
I love that he loves "Ma's water".
I love that every night he wants chocolate milk, not just milk.
I love that he calls everything soup.  For example, pudding is dessert soup. And cereal is cereal soup.
I love that he says cheese when the camera comes out...even if he refuses to look at it.
I love that every morning you can count on him yelling at the birds as he sees them through the window.
I love when he jumps.
I love that he hides under the covers and says "water" (a.k.a. Where are you?)
I love that he wants to lay down when reading books.
I love that he says I'm sorry.
I love that he know most of his letters and numbers.
I love that he can find every train track we cross and hear every train in the distance.
I love that he loves to find planes and helicopters.
I love that he loves and needs me.
I love that this list is just the start of what I love about Emerson and being a mom.

I love being a MOM!

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.

Those are two words that we are hearing frequently from Emerson's mouth for the past couple of days. It is so sweet.

On Saturday at breakfast, Emerson was eating rolls with Nutella on it. At one point he accidentally dropped one of them onto the floor. It was like it was the worst thing that he had ever done in his mind. He said "I sorry" and then just bursted out in tears. It was so sad but so sweet. I had to go give him a big hug to get him to be able to calm down and want to eat again.

I love how sweet of a kid Emerson is.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To:Grandma Bush and Grandma Bills.
Love, Emerson


Happy Mother's Day!
(Please excuse the slight break where I accidently recorded over.  It is of Emerson figuring out how to reach the light switch.)