Monday, February 25, 2013

Emerson {Five Years}

This year Emerson:

He started to learn to read. He can read all the Bob Books that we have. He also loves to read all the street signs that we pass. He is always amazing me with the words that he gets right.
He started preschool this year. We decided that he needed an outlet other than at home to learn how to make friends and listen to other adults. He has had a hard time in preschool because he just wants to love everyone.
He loves hugs and kisses. He is probably the most loving boy I know. He just doesn't know how to control it. During Sacrament meeting every week, he has to make the rounds and go give all his friends hugs and kisses. We are currently practicing to only hug for 1-2-3 and then let go. He isn't quite getting the concept because he just wants to hug forever.
He loves Star Wars, Legos, Super Heroes, and the color blue. He loves watching TV especially Max and Ruby, Curious George, and Barbie movies.
He is so inclusive. He will never fully commit to having one best friend or even one favorite color (although we all know that it is blue). He just always says “all of my friends are my best friends.” I love how sweet he is.
He is energetic. I started exercising with him. We go out and walk/jog a mile to 1.5 miles a few times a week. He usually runs to the end of the road and back twice before I get to the end of the road. And by the end he is still wanting to go. He just never stops. I love how great of a motivator he is.
He is so creative. He will make up songs all day long. He also loves to come up with stories whenever he builds new creations as to why something is why it is. Usually it is about some super hero fighting a villains
He isn't very patient. He can't write or color very well yet, but we have been practicing and he is getting better. When we really take the time to do it, he does a fantastic job, but it is rare that he will sit and practice.
He is a great helper. If you want Emerson to behave, you ask him to help. He is always willing to. He will go take things places for me, get diapers for Piper, unload the silver ware, and anything else you ask.
He is the best big brother. He is so in love with his little sister. He goes around saying stuff like “Piper you are just too cute. I can hardly keep my hands off you because you are so cute.” I love that he really loves her. When she is crying he finds ways to help—whether it be giving her a pacifier and a toy or picking her up. He loves to sing song to her too.
Though at times Emerson is a handful, we are so lucky to have him around. He is such a fun, energetic little boy. We have loved having him in our lives these past 5 years.

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