Tuesday, May 05, 2015

First Lost Tooth

On Sunday afternoon after we got off the cruise ship, I got this message from Emerson. 
Later that day we facetimed and he showed us the damage. He was so proud of it. 
When we left for the cruise, his tooth was just barely loose. I was sure that it would be a while until it would come out. Apparently one day, he was eating some gummies and it became really loose all of the sudden. Grandma Bush told him that she could just hurry and pull it out. But he was insisting the he be taken to the dentist to be put to sleep and have them pull it. 
Later he recalled a story about a girl who feel asleep after she bit into an apple that woke up with both of her top teeth gone. (Which happens to be the story that Grandma Bush told him just a couple days before about how she lost her first teeth.).  So he asked for an apple. He took one bite and the tooth was gone. 

His sweet smile will never be the same, but he is sure excited to be growing up. And especially excited for the toothfairy to come. 

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